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I never heard about osteomyelitis after my injury not until about 10 years later. I had a pressure sore that wasn’t managed well. the pressure point opened and I visited a nurse who then used hydrogen peroxide to dress me daily which she wasn’t supposed to. instead of getting better or drying up the wound […]


We had parties in the North east of Nigeria and South west of Nigeria .we started by visiting the Tafabalewa teaching hospital Bauchi where we spoke with the chief neurosurgeon ,He shared with us some new inventions, techniques and rehabilitation for newly injured patients with spinal cord injury . We also visited some patients at […]

Bladder care How ive stayed Healthy After a Spinal Cord Injury no UTI

As a spinal cord injury survivor Bladder care is very important to me because of the lost of normal bladder function and control after spinal cord injury. This means that i need to use a bladder management option to empty my bladder regularly and completely. I use the Suprapubic catheter method for my bladder program […]

Living with a Spinal cord injury in Africa ,The Luxury of Owning an Assistive device

i am Yvonne , a woman living in Nigeria with a spinal cord injury. I have been using a wheelchair for over fifteen years now, and I know firsthand what it is like to live with a disability in Nigeria/Africa. One of the biggest challenges for people with disabilities in Nigeria/Africa is the lack of […]

Spinal cord injury and Employment in Africa[Nigeria]

I am Yvonne, a digital marketer, virtual assistant and content creator living with a spinal cord injury. I am the founder of sciaan network ,a spinal cord injury support group for people living with spinal cord injuries in africa. I want to shed light on this issue of employment for people with disabilities in Africa, […]

Pressure Ulcers in Spinal Cord Injury Patients: Causes, Risks, and Management

Pressure sores, which are also called pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers, or bedsores, happen when certain parts of the skin or the tissues beneath it, such as muscles and bones, get hurt because they don’t receive enough blood flow. These sores are quite frequent among people who have spinal cord injuries (SCIs), affecting around 23-30% of […]

Navigating Depression and Spinal Cord Injury: Shedding Light on a Silent Battle

Depression is a common mental health condition that can affect anyone, regardless of their physical abilities. However, individuals with SCI face unique challenges that can make us more susceptible to depression. in my whole life living living with spinal cord injury ive had my own share of depression, Here are some statistics: 1. Prevalence: Studies […]