Bladder care How ive stayed Healthy After a Spinal Cord Injury no UTI

As a spinal cord injury survivor Bladder care is very important to me because of the lost of normal bladder function and control after spinal cord injury. This means that i need to use a bladder management option to empty my bladder regularly and completely.

I use the Suprapubic catheter method for my bladder program it was done 5years ago.

After my injury i tried the indwelling cartherization method for a couple of years and got tired of caused me discomfort and my urine always had some odour after a couple of hours in the urine bag.

I FIND THE SUPRAPUBIC VERY comfortable and easier to use many people living with sci in africa use more of the indwelling method which also adds to the many reasons why many always have Urinary tract infection’s [uti] and because many cannot afford buying a cartheter all the time they always reuse the used cartheter.

Here are Some other options for bladder management :

Intermittent catheterization: This is when you insert a thin tube called a catheter into your urethra (the opening where urine comes out) and drain the urine from your bladder. You need to do this several times a day, depending on how much fluids you drink and how your bladder works.

Indwelling catheterization: This is when you have a catheter that stays in your bladder all the time and is connected to a drainage bag. You need to change the catheter and the bag regularly depending on the type of cartheter you use ,to prevent infections and blockages.This method is used by many sci survivors in Africa

Suprapubic catheterization: This is when you have a catheter that goes through a small hole in your abdomen (belly) and into your bladder. It can also be connected to a drainage bag. You need to change the catheter and the bag regularly as well.this is the method i use .i however do not use it with a urine bag.i drain my urine when i feel my bladder is almost full.

Condom catheterization: This is when you use a special condom that has a tube attached to it. The tube drains the urine from your penis into a drainage bag. You need to change the condom and the bag daily.this method is mainly for men .

External collection devices: These are devices that collect urine without inserting anything into your body. For example, you can use a urinal, a bedpan, or an absorbent pad. You need to empty or change these devices frequently.this are expensive and most times cant be found in african medical supply stores.

Whatever options you choose you have to be clean and take selfcare important to keep your bladder healthy and avoid UTIs. UTIs are very common for us people with spinal cord injury in africa because bacteria can easily enter our urethra and cause infection. You also need to always drink alot of water daily .even if you can’t avoid utis you can do some basic things to avoid utis.

Here are some things ive always done to stay away from UTIS

I always empty my bladder

without letting it get too full with urine[the bladder becomes over-stretched when it holds too much urine. This damages the bladder wall and forces the urine back into the ureters and kidneys.Excess sediment and calcium in urine can form into stones that can restrict the flow of urine this are called bladder or kidney stones.

I drinks alot of water daily

our body needs alot of water to stay hydrated and healthy daily .

Water Helps to flush out bacteria from the bladder

Water Helps to maintain body temperature

Water Helps to ease the flow of stool through the bowel

Water Helps to keep the skin moist, supple, and healthy

This is why you need to drink plenty of water. My urologist said Ideally, your urine should be golden yellow. You probably need to drink more water if your urine is darker.use the picture below to guide you

I try to eat healthy and exercise daily

a healthy diet and exercising have really helped in boosting my immune system which also helps fight away infections .

I try to maintain proper hygiene

Staying clean is a good way to prevent the spread of bacteria. Always wash and clean properly both before and after bladder and bowel management and after accidents.

since my injury ive Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.I drink more water to help wash out any bacteria.If you do intermittent catheterization, do it more often. If you use an indwelling catheter, alwyas change it after 14days or two weeks .

Lastly always look at your urine if you notice any changes or an awuful ordour seek a medical professional dont self medicate with random antibiotics because all anbtibiotics work for different purposes .I hope this was a good read take care

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